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Oct 19th:       Not sure if you've been following our Facebook page and our year and a half long hunt for a home but...

We are no longer homeless! :)
We have Monday evenings 6 to 9pm at the Carmichael Community Centre 1388 Bellevue Ave.
Our first class is next Monday Oct 26th and attendance for the first 4 weeks will determine if we will continue as I am paying our rental out of my own pocket and cant afford to subsidise an non profit club.
Club fees will fluctuate due to the number of weeks in a month and the number of students attending; the more students come the less everyone pays.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Senseis Jeremie & Ben
Mar 01/15:     Hey...we have a Facebook page :) I will try and keep both updated.
Feb 2015:      I'm sorry to say there is still no training area available yet; but Leo has found us a possible lead. I will keep you posted.
Sep 2014:      No Training location yet. We will let you know when something becomes available.
  • Dec 04/10       Club crests are now in and and can be purchased for 15$ each. Also a reminder that we have club water bottles still available for purchase (12$ea).